Virtual sessions and feeling the confidence from within...

80% of my photography business used to be destination weddings, and then when Covid hit I lost it all.

This broke my heart and my connection with so many of my clients. I had to make many dreaded phone calls informing people that I could not travel and as a result would not be able to photograph their weddings or any type of photo session. With no shoots happening under lockdown I knew I had to pivot and find a way that I could keep shooting (for self-worth) and try to continue having that human connection with my clients.

Virtual sessions started popping up as a way for photographers to connect with clients. I thought that this was such a brilliant idea! An amazing way to still keep that connection going with those who still wanted to capture their lives changing. After endless scrolling and research, I came upon Tim Dunk, a British photographer (@factimphotos), who was offering virtual sessions but through a special app that could provide high-quality images with a lot more control than facetime. I was so inspired by his work and thought that I would give it try.

Even though anyone, anywhere can do these shoots from the comfort of their home I decided my focus would be on women. The main goal of my virtual sessions is to inspire women to feel confident from within. To boost self-esteem and self-acceptance. The pandemic has affected more women than men and women are suffering more from depression and anxiety. They have had to leave jobs or have lost their jobs to be caregivers. I wanted to be able to provide a way to celebrate women and their purpose. A way that they could celebrate themselves and I strongly feel like these sessions will enable them to do so.

The experience of the session is soul lifting and stress-free. My first shoot was from my home in Toronto to Danielle's home in Texas. Danielle is a blogger and advocate for CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) which she also suffers from. The importance of the session being accessible, private, and comfortable played a huge factor for her. The whole experience left me on a high and gave her a quarantine boost. You can check out the amazing work she has been doing on her blog and her Instagram @theproject3x5

“"Working with Jane is so much fun! From our first shoot (happy repeat client!) we were able to connect immediately which put me at ease, allowing for an authentic shot to shine through. Instead of feeling cheesy, Jane makes me feel confident. You can't beat that!"”