A virtual family session

I love being able to capture families as they are NOW, in the present, in a frozen moment in time. Even though to many it feels like life is on pause, it is not! We still need to ensure that we 'stop and smell the roses' especially when it comes to our children. They grow up so fast and in the blink of an eye, they have grown into adults and are no longer the little, precious babies you used to hold in your arms. Virtual portrait sessions have opened the window of opportunity to capture these fleeting moments in a safe, and comfortable way. Life as we know it is different but there is a lot that remains the same. Even though we are physically distanced from each other, technology has allowed us to remain intimate. We can still nurture the human connection and strengthen the bond that nourishes our souls. Marcus, Kristy, and Romy welcomed me into their little safe haven, their escape from the city. A place where they can clear their thoughts and just enjoy being with each other. My heart was bursting at the end of the session - the laughs, the mishaps, the feeding, the crying (baby, not adults ;)

From my living room in Toronto to your home in Trinidad much love xoxo.