What is your style of photography?

I like to combine a little bit of traditional with candid in my approach, with more of a lean towards candid (storytelling). Letting the day flow as natural as possible is definitely my goal but sometimes you may need a little direction to create that perfect moment. I place a huge emphasis on recreating natural colours and perfect skin tones so the memories are as real as possible.

What if we are awkward in front of the camera?

You are not alone when you ask this. I know exactly how you feel and I feel like most of my clients say the same thing. This is why I try to make my sessions as fun as possible to nurture that trust and comfort in front of the camera. Then the natural flow of just being yourself takes control. Just give me the reins and I will guide you - I promise.

When will I be able to view my images?

Your wedding online gallery will be ready to view 6 weeks from your wedding day. Portrait session galleries are ready 2 weeks after the shoot.

How many images do we get?

For any of my sessions I usually average between 100-150 images per hour. So for an 8 hour wedding you can expect at least 900 images.

When should I book you?

Most of my wedding bookings take place 12 months in advance. So once you have decided on a date you can book with me. It's never too soon.

Do you shoot destination/elopement weddings?

I love shooting destination weddings, probably because I love to travel so much. Am also open to traveling for portraits and elopements. Every year I go somewhere new and as I have Caribbean roots am in that part of the world numerous times a year.I am excited to go on that adventure with you, just let me know when and where.

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